Brother Summer Internship Program

At Brother, we believe in providing our interns with meaningful work and engaging experiences. Our 10-week program runs from June to August and is designed for rising Juniors and Seniors enrolled in a 4-year undergraduate program at the time of the internship. As a Brother Intern, we develop talent for the future by providing opportunities to join efforts that drive our business forward. You won't be stuck with busy work - you'll be an extension of our teams, working on projects that add value and have a lasting impact.

If you want to innovate, learn and grow with a global leader that builds products, services and a company people love, explore internship opportunities at Brother.

In addition to the value you'll contribute to real projects, interns have access to other professional services that set you up for success.

Career Speaker Exploration Series Expand your skills and experiences. Hear from professionals with different areas of expertise and gain insight into alternate career paths.
Talent Development Training Develop skills that go beyond this program. Learn resume writing tips, interview strategies and negotiation skills from our Talent Acquisition team.
Professional Headshots Make a strong professional impression. Our Creative Services professionals will provide you with a headshot photo to use on platforms like LinkedIn.
HR Mentors Receive "at your side" support as you navigate early career development. Our HR team members provide guidance throughout the internship program.
Intern Connections Forge connections and grow your professional network through facilitated icebreakers and teambuilding activities with peers and mentors.
Off-Site Engagement See how Brother invests in you. Enjoy off-site activities, like attending baseball games or other exciting events, complete with transportation and delicious catering.
LinkedIn Learning Expand your skills and knowledge at your own pace. Utilize LinkedIn Learning for access to the professional development programs that most interest you.
Opportunities to Present to Senior Leadership Wrap up the program by presenting your work. Your accomplishments will be recognized by our executive leadership team and Board of Directors.

Hear From Past Brother Interns

Sophie Chang Headshot
Sophie Chang
Finance Reporting
Summer 2023
"What I've enjoyed most about my internship at Brother is the hands-on projects that I have been a part of. This internship has really helped me define what I would like to do for my career, and I am really lucky to have been part of this year's intern class."
Jose Lizardo-Martinez Headshot
Jose Lizardo-Martinez
Product Marketing
Summer 2023
"Interns are given relevant work that not only builds skills and industry knowledge but also impacts Brother. I enjoyed taking part in the activities and events that allowed interns across different departments to socialize. Brother's internship program provides what you need to progress in your career."
Natalie Kubasek Headshot
Natalie Kubasek
UI/UX Design & Development
Summer 2023
"What I've enjoyed most about my internship at Brother is learning new programs and expanding my design skills. I also appreciated the opportunity to learn about different positions and skills that can go far beyond my Brother internship and can help me secure a job in the future."
Brother interns are a true extension of our teams, supporting meaningful work. Many interns remain engaged with Brother after their internship ends through assignment extensions or as part of our talent database.

Hear From Our Interns-Turned-Employees

Alyssa Santos Headshot
Alyssa Santos
Product Marketing
Summer 2020 
"What I thought was going to be a 3-month internship turned into the beginning of my professional career. Brother challenged me with hands-on projects to grow my skillset and expand my network by working with cross-functional teams. It has been 3 years, and Brother continues to shape my career and is a place that I've developed lasting relationships with my colleagues."
Alexis Butkiewicz Headshot
Alexis Butkiewicz
Email Marketing
Summer 2022
"My Brother internship provided me with meaningful work experiences, that I apply to my current role, as well as strong mentorships that helped guide me through my career path and taught me key skills when entering a new role with new responsibilities."
We can't wait to have you on our team! Explore internships at Brother.